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Tainted Memories

v. Own Personal Jesus

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8 November

"Abash’d the devil stood,
And felt how awful goodness is, and saw
Virtue in her shape how lovely."
-- Paradise Lost --

Beware: Ahead lies the unapologetic thoughts and musings of an idealistic, open minded and opinionated twenty-five year old writer/all around crazy person. If you prefer entries along the lines of “my dog is so cute and I need to go to the store” then turn back before it’s too late for I am the mistress of winding sentences and adjectives galore.

If you feel that you can tolerate my daily ramblings, constant picture taking and various views on life then go right ahead and check it out. It goes without saying that I’m always up for meeting interesting new people..

I'm certainly a character myself.


101 Facts About Yours Truly, a slightly dated but still relevant two part series..


I live with these two. As you can tell, they're always up to no good.

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